As I hold Stella in my arms I think about the last six months. That’s how old she’ll be in a few days.


Every day when I wake and go to lift her out of her crib she smiles and my heart beats faster. She has become this little girl with a personality of her own. She loves cuddling in our arms, smiles a lot and the strangest things make her giggle. Usually words. She’s a little shy around others but is getting used to some people. Our cat makes her smile and she tries to talk to it. She also likes holding conversations with fabrics, especially the tags with care instructions on them which she almost always finds.

I try to see the world through her eyes. Now that the weather is nicer and we can go out more she looks at everything with such focus and wonder. She has taught me to do the same.

She’s the light in my life and I can hardly remember what it felt like without her.

So, as she falls asleep in my arms, her breathe soft and steady, I feel enveloped in peace. We two, are here in this moment, filled with joy.