Oh Morning!

Oh morning!

What delights will you bring me?

Or will it be sorrows?

And yet,

caught between serenity and uncertainty,

thoughts turn to past and present,

to regret and hope,

to woman.

To a mother’s unconditional love.

To the girl of my youth whose sadness and mystery I can recall every autumn when leaves turn and fall.

To a relationship born of fire, doomed from the beginning.

What price my soul would pay?

To nights of passion, trying to recover the shards of my heart that had gone missing.

To the solace and grace that love and companionship bring.

To the hope that is my daughter.

Each time I thought I had solved the mystery, that I was home, that I was saved,

love walked away from me.

Or did I abandon it?

Oh day!

What delights and sorrows will you bring?

Caught between here and there,

little by little,

in each unfolding moment,

my heart awakens,

enveloped in love.


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