It’s been a long time since my last post and my little girl is growing up.  Much has unfolded since the beginning of the year and Stella is approaching the two-year mark.  That in itself is hard to fathom.  I still look at her and can hardly believe I have a child.

So, I present a laundry list of events, in no particular order, of the last seven months.

I turned fifty-one, drawing with friendswhich sort of invalidates the title of this blog, but time obliterates all things.  Yes? This year i felt my mortality more than last which has resulted in some angst filled nights.





Little Trooper


Stella had a second medical procedure.  She had a growth removed from her leg, which we had been monitoring since birth.  It was a subcutaneous hemangioma, as suspected, but now confirmed. Totally benign.  And of course it was stressful as she had to go under general anesthesia for the second time.  She was a trooper and was anxious to get back on her feet within hours.  She now has a cool scar to intimidate the other toddlers she runs with.

By the Sea


Stella got to fly on an airplane for the first time and did great.We took a trip to Los Angeles, our first vacation in four years and stayed with friends who made us feel at home.  Stella squealed with joy at her first visit to the ocean.  The first of many I hope.




We had to say goodbye to our cat, Baby, who got ill again but with no chance of recovery, we put her down and will sorely miss her magical presence in our lives.






Stella Lu

Each day brings new milestones and Stella moves from being a toddler to becoming a little girl, her personality shining through.  She arranges her stuffed animals around her to sing or draw.  She calls out from her bedroom, “Daddy!  Where are you!”  She runs  to the front door when she hears the key turning in the lock and she knows Mommy’s home.  She now finds things amusing and laughs and shrieks with joy.  She pouts when she wants something she can’t have and gets over it as quickly as it first caught her fancy.  She’s affectionate, especially with other children and waves hello to the people we pass on the street.

Stella has taught me so much over the past seven months.  Courage to face the next challenge.  Finding joy in the simplest of pleasures.  Living in the moment and shedding the cares of the world.  But mostly, she has to me how to love deeper than ever before. Unconditionally and pure.




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