The Name Game

The name.

Her name.

Will it be the right one?

Have to be careful that any possible nicknames derived from said name will not be embarrassing or cruel    It should sound good with the surname.  My surname.  LiVigni.   Which is italian, so we are leaning that way.  We are also resisting the temptation to pile on a bunch of names.  That strikes me as showy.   Two should be enough.  First and middle.  One would be fine, I suppose.  I never use my middle name.  Although that middle initial gets its fair share of use on forms and applications.  I barely know the last names of people, let alone their middle names.  It seems superfluous.  Like the appendix.  It’s there, but doesn’t get any attention until it causes trouble.  Little Johnny Doe is fine till he breaks something then he’s suddenly John Henry Doe.

But a middle name she will have.  Vita.  It means life.  It was also my grandmother’s name.  My father’s mother.   I wasn’t particularly close with her.  Hardly knew her.  But she was the grandmother I wasn’t afraid of and Vita sounds good with the last name.  One of my nieces has it for a middle name already.  I suggested it to my brother at the time because I never thought I would need to name a child.  Well,  that’s changed.

We have the first name narrowed down to a few choices.  I’m not going to mention them because everyone has an opinion and we don’t want that to cloud our choice.  But we are open to ideas.  (Fill in the blank) Vita LiVigni.

And don’t suggest Lampshade.  That one has been crossed off the list


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