No Name

We have a new cat. A kitten. Who has figured out that I am the human most likely to awaken if gnawed on at 5:30 AM. He has figured out that my proclivity to wake early these days and my body’s need to use the bathroom are optimal opportunity to get fed and play.

My insistence on not getting another cat has been undermined by my wife Lindsay’s ability to recruit Stella to her cause for getting one. I couldn’t say no to a two and a half year olds sweet plea, “They’re so cute!”

They are indeed.


This little fellow joined our household a little over a week ago after some especially difficult, nightmare filled nights for Stella. I could no longer fight the inevitable and the time seemed right for a breath of new energy for us all.

When asking her what the kitty’s name is, her answer, “It’s a boy.” She points out, ” Two girls and two boys now, Daddy.”

I have achieved a balance of gender equality here on the home-front.

Thanks for the company little guy. I’ll see you bright and early.


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